Have An Effortless Keyword List Growing Weekly by George Louis Vuitton bags Collins

Have An Effortless Keyword List Growing Weekly by George Collins
We are on these email lists and we get hundreds of emails everyday just like you do. I am in a program, you are in a program, whatever program you are with, great, if that is what you are promoting, fine. People will email you on their programs, so in my inbox, I open it up and open up some emails whenever I feel like it, because I get tons of emails in my inbox, and all of a sudden somebody is marketing to me that this program just came out like last month, or this week, or last week, or five or six months ago, or yesterday, whatever it might be, they are marketing this mlm program, this 1-up or 2-up program, straight cash program, gifting program, or product, or system in the industry that someone just came out with post by haiyan902. Well, I really do not read into it too much, but I say thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me another keyword to market under for free.

I did not have to do any research, I did not do anything, just sit there and open up my emails, spend about five or ten minutes, or fifteen or twenty minutes everyday going through my emails and there are new programs to see, new people, whatever you might want that email you, just say thank you for giving me your name or thank you for giving me your program that you just started promoting, because now I have got a new keyword or keywords to market under. And pretty soon you have an effortless keyword list growing weekly, you can check it like every few days or daily, of the keywords that are targeted to this industry. Now, I am just talking about getting keywords for this industry. Same thing, you can market under products or systems, or marketing systems or ebooks in network marketing or 1-ups or cash programs or anything in this industry. Those become keywords.

You can also do misspellings of those keywords, you can figure out any misspellings or have some kind of software or some way of getting misspellings, and those are more keywords that you can use. Those are keywords. You wonder well, it is not a lot. There are so many keywords, there are so many programs, there are so many people, so many marketing systems, so many products, so many services, so many books in this industry that as much marketing that we do, we can never keep up with it. And things are always popping up or coming out new. New programs always have new keywords and different things. So literally you are making up, and this is using pay per click as an example, you are literally making up campaigns weekly on a weekly basis, on a daily basis if you wish. And that is it, you are in your target market Louis Vuitton bags.

Now, lets get back to the ad, back to the prospect in this industry. You have got your keywords down pat. You are making your campaign, if you are wondering how to do Google and how to set your campaign up, just look at our videos in our back office. Now you create your ad. Now the next thing that you send them to is your landing page. If you have a new opportunity or a new program, great, if not get a landing page, get a lead capture page, whether they have a marketing systems in the program or not, develop your own, hire somebody to do it, whatever it is, get one done for yourself. On these capture pages or landing pages, whatever it is, when they click through the ad it is very important that the ad basically targets the prospect, gives them enough information to want them to click through so that they can get more information, then your lead capture page and your landing page will give them more information, a little more information than what was presented in your ad.

When they come through, click through, they are looking for more information. If your ad is talking about the greatest or the only two level instant pay program there is, and here is why you should join, and they click through, they are looking to know more about the only two level instant pay program and why they should join. That is what you should be hitting them with in your headline. That should be the first thing that you are answering, your headline, your headline should be the first paragraph of your lead capture page or your landing page, right there in their face. On your landing page it is important to get the attention of your prospect. We like to use brighter colors, like a red headline to grab their attention on a white background. As far as a background to your landing page or lead capture page, the background, blue is great, lighter colors, you can do your own testing on that.

But you have got to hit them up right there. You should also use some kind of, because we are all human, you have to use some kind of direct communication that is human orientated besides words in order to get their attention or to keep their attention. We are human, we want to interact, we want to hear somebodys voice. I suggest that you use audio of some sort, whether you are using an audio player or you record your own audio and put your own button up there or use some third party service, it does not matter. Or you can use video, if you can make a video of yourself and put it up there, great, there are a lot of third party services out there that will let you do video, or you can hire somebody else to do it for you. If not a video of yourself, do a video of somebody else. Anything of the sort like that is direct communication that has a human voice, that is great. <


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